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domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

FROM THE BALCONY, Billy Sherwood´s interview

What were your beginnings as a musician? We referring about your relationship and love with the music.
My parents were both musician/entertainers, Bobby and Phyliss Sherwood. As a result music was a mainstay in our house and became a guiding influence for the future. Music seemed the natural path... I have a deep love for music and it's always been abd remains a passion.

What is your opinion about the actual prog rock? Do you find some differences or similarities with other times?
For me prog means evolving musicaly speaking... I am not one who looks to recreate sound and textures that have been used before. Of course certain instruments will always sound similar, drums, bass etc... but snyths/keyboards have a big sonic layer that can explore new ground, I don't gravitate towards the classic moog lead sounds etc... when working on music in studio I always want to find something new sounding to use. Evolution of sound and music... that's waht progressive means to me.

What are your favorite records and musicians? Why?
Yes was a major influence on me and fate would have it that I ended up joining that band. I love a lot of music, Genesis, Floyd, Gentle Giant, XTC, Weather Report and more... I tend to listen to stuff from the past, mostly because I don't find modern music pushing those kinds of envelopes. I draw inspiration from the music.

We know you recorded as secessionist musician with Yes, before Union album. How do you know them?
I was sought out by Chris Squire during the period when they had no lead singer {Jon Anderson was doing ABWH at the time}. The idea was I join as the new lead singer for YES. From that meeting one thing lead to another and I remained in and around the YES camp in various forms , when asked.... I wrote/ produced/ played/ toured and eventually joined. It started early into 1989 and went forward from there... the rest is history.

In 1998 and 1999. You played (with Yes) in Argentina. What (musical) memories or anecdotes do you have of that time?
I mostly remember the wonderful people and gracious hospitality from everyone I met. I had a chance to wonder the city a bit and really enjoyed the country and culture. The music was great to play, the fans were great and so warm. I have nothing but fond memories and would love to retunr to play again... perhaps
this time with CIRCA.

You play in The Ladder. Could you please tell us about that experience?
The ladder was written all together in one room, we rented an old church in Vna Couver Canada and lived localy. I will never forget the experience, lots of musical ideas flowing... and as bands do, some arguments over what to play/use from the sessions... In all a memorable time in my career and one I doubt will
ever occur again. I normaly write music by myself or with one or two other people, writing as a 6 piece group is a challenge...

What were the musicians that influence you most?
For bass, Jaco Pastorious, of course Squire, McCartney, Geddy and others but at the top of my list remains Jaco. For guitar, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray, Gilmour. Drums Alan White, Lenny White, Phil Collins, Chester Thompson, Omar Hakim and many more... Keyboard players, Zawinul, Tony Kaye, Emerson, Oscar !!! These are musicians that awlays caought my interests. There are many more but the list
would be too long to print.

Do you listen some new band you like in recent year? Which ones? And Why do you like or dislike?
I listen to new music via radio and internet. There are bands I like but for the most part I am not devoted emotionaly as I am to music from my past. Every now and then something comes along that catches my attention, but honestly it's a rare event lol.

What is your opinion about the actual rock situation? We mean about the record industry and web albums download.
Double edged sword... internet has made bands that would have never seen the light of day visable which is a great thing for bands pushing forward. That said piracy is undermining the efforts of so many musicians trying to make a living. It's important to me personaly to support the arts, what ever branch of the tree it may be, for instance, I am a PC gamer junkie and the games I like to play require a ton of time in development. At the end of the day if the game is pirated and there is no economic support for those who designed it, there will be a point where they can no longer afford to produce games. I buy the games to support the designers so they can go forward making better games. That same theory relates to music and supporting it. Music is an artform, the artists should be compensated for the time spent creating it. It's not cool to steal music, video games, films or anything else for that matter. The internet has made it so that a kid sees "download" and doesn't think beyond that... there is cause and effect at play.

You were producer of Motörhead, Dangerous Toys, and Paul Rodgers. Could you please tell a few words about that?
I love producing records mostly because I get to work with different artists and different genres of music. In each case you walk away with something different and having learned new things about music. In all cases it's always a pleasure and my honor to do the work. My latest production is the new John Wetton solo CD, I had the honor of producing and co writting a lot o fit, very proud, comes out July 24th if memory serves.

How was worked with Chris Squire to release Conspiracy?
I always enjoyed working with Chris, we made a lot of music together and perhaps somewhere down the road we may again. The 2 Conspiracy records are a great record of our work. Chris has style unlike any other.

How do you think your records? How was record The Big Peace, all by yourself?
I enjoy making solo records because I get full creative control. In bands there is always compromise and give and take. Working on solo music allows me to throw caution to the wind and take things farher outside the box then possible in bands. My next solo cd "What Was The Question? is coming out in a few weeks
and will only be available at

What projects do you have in near future? Please tell us about them.
For previews into my world of music with CIRCA:, solo stuff and more.. go to,,

Emiliano Acevedo

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