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domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

OUT OF VOLCANO, Jan Akkerman`s interview

What were your beginnings as a musician? We referring about your relationship and love with the music. Why did you choose play the guitar instead of another instrument?
I played accordeon but somehow I fell in love at the first sounds of the electric guitar.

What is your opinion about the actual prog rock? Do you find some differences or similarities with other times?
I think progrock is a bad excuse for smoking pot in the 70’s. Still is.

What are your favorite records and musicians? Why?
I think my favourites are more in the bebop and the classic era. Has something to do with skill.

What is your favourite Focus album?
I have no favorite Focus albums ... Some songs are really nice and have something to say.

Some years ago, you played in Argentina. What (musical) memories or anecdotes do you have of that time?
Ah Argentina! Well we stayed in a Hotel next to a hookers place and everyday I had to walk past the joint. 2 or 3 women walked up to me and asked me in for a massage. I said I was perfectlly happy but the kept on saying that I looked sad and needed a good rub. I told them again a few times and then 1 of them came up with question "where you’re from"? I told them it was Holland, where one of the Argentina,s ladies called Maxima had married the Prince of the Netherlands who probably had a cucumber ,I mean if you married to a woman called "Maxima" that would be probably the case :-) That puzzled the ladies a bit so I took my bow and left for the theatre a couple of 100 yards away. So the same night we did a concert with a great pianist Mike del Ferro and a great drummer and bassplayer from Brazil. And the next day there was my picture on the front of the news paper and at 12 o,clock I wanted to take a walk and I winded up on the otherside of the sidewalk where the girlies were waiting for customers. Suddenly one of them recognised me and started yelling across the street running after me... boobies hanging half out ... “We’re your biggest fan’s Juan ...WE ARE your biggest fans” .People looking at me and probably read the newspapers also and of course also recognised me and the looks from the guys across the street.... like .....hee man, we understand you!

What were the musicians that influence you most?
Django Rheinhardt-Wes Montgomery - Parker-Zappa - opera - German operrette- de Sousa- Welsh Grenadeers-Folkmusic-Flamenco players-Segovia-Bream-Tango-Pugliese- etc..

Do you listen some new band you like in recent year? Which ones?
Orchestra Fernandez Fierro made a lasting impression on me, while I was in Buenos Aires, man that,s R&R and progressive!

What is your opinion about the actual rock situation?
Rock I don’t care about nowadays ... It,s 99% cliches and plain boring

What projects do you have in near future? Please tell us about them.
It’s time for taking a motor ride and tomorrow is another day, and from there on I take. Oh yes, I do the North Sea Jazz festival the weekend and then I’m off to Spain and South of France just hanging out till the end of the year and then my theatre tour through Holland starts.}
By Emiliano Acevedo

1 comentario :

Gabriel dijo...

Para mi honestamente, Jan Akkerman es de los mejores guitarristas en el mundo que jamás haya existido.
Pocas veces desde hace 40 años he escuchado a un guitarrista tan versatil, con una técnica impecable, un sentimiento y expresión poco comun y además con sonidos que lo destacan como "único".
Akkerman, a hecho hablar, reir y llorar a la guitarra con sus melodias tanto dulces como agresivas, punzantes y a la vez tan sutiles en ocasiones.
Además es un gran compositor con gran originalidad y buen gusto.